Parece que se estén dejando morir para no tener que dar la cara en un juicio. Si la información es cierta -hoy en día ya no nos creemos nada-, este par están buscando un Shakespeare del futuro para que les escriba su particular Antono y Cleopatra. No lo encontrarán. Ni un Bernard Shaw que les escriba aunque sea una fina comedia. Además de dictadores son rastreros.

On May 15, the independent Al-Rai al-Aam daily carried the following report:

“The International Sharm el-Sheikh Hospital witnessed yesterday a state of unprecedented security alert following the issuing of the decision to imprison Suzan Thabet, the wife of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for 15 days pending the investigations. She suffered a heart attack right after that.

“Sources told Al-Rai that Suzan is still lying in her room, which is adjacent to her husband’s, in their own suite on the third floor. The sources indicated that the physical and psychological states of the two have degraded. The sources also added that Mubarak has abstained from taking his pills and has entered a severe state of depression and that doctors are concerned for his life. They added that the team of doctors surrounding the former president had tried to hide the news about his wife’s imprisonment from him. However, he insisted on knowing what happened during the investigations and their outcome.

“He also asked on several instances to see his wife, and thus the doctors had to inform him about the decision of the Head of the Service of Illegal Gains to imprison his wife and her subsequent heart attack. [Mubarak] was then hit with a state of astonishment and absent mindedness. He then entered a state of severe depression and he refused to talk to anyone since then.

“Ashraf Hatem, the Minister of Health, said that the health of Mrs. Suzan had degraded yesterday with her blood pressure rising to 190/110. Meanwhile, the director of the Sharm el-Sheikh Hospital refused to run a heart catheter on her in fear for her life. Hatem revealed that it has been decided to run a heart scan for her adding that the medical team has decided to keep her for six days in the intensive care unit. He also asserted that her state does not allow for her transfer from the Sharm el-Sheikh Hospital.

“On a related note, some knowledgeable sources revealed that Suzan will be transferred to the Kanater Prison within days. They added that the specific date of the transfer has not been set yet due to security related reasons. However, the transfer is expected to take place during the late hours of the night. The Director of Security of Southern Sinai, Col. Mohammad al-Khatib asserted that he did not receive an official order to transfer Mrs. Suzan to the Kanater prison.” – Al-Rai al-Aam, Kuwait