Mi servicio de noticias Mideastwire me manda el siguiente análisis sobre la última victoria del taimado  gobierno de Israel y sus países siervos sobre Gaza:

– “An Israeli victory over the world!”

On July 20, Talal Salman wrote the below opinion piece in the independent leftist As-Safir daily: “Without a single gunshot, Israel won a new war as the supposed “adversary” – i.e. Europe – was quick to return to the position of the eternal ally in light of global political coverage provided by the American administration, and an absolute Arab absence of confrontation because the Arab regimes are busy with their internal concerns… 

“Throughout long weeks, Israel has gone through a fierce political, diplomatic and security-related war where it used its special position (or rather its decision-making position) within the American administration, and its increasingly intimate and strong relations with the European countries. These countries used to account for their interests with the Arabs, or to avoid provoking them. But then, they completely dropped them from any consideration… [ellipses as published]

“Thus, the Freedom Flotilla was dismantled before even launching its trip towards Gaza. Israel used every available weapon…including economic, political, and security related weapons: With the United Nations, which has become a mere stamp to authenticate any American resolution; and with Switzerland, the cement or ship vendor or the grantor of insurance policies to the ships or to their passengers; and with Turkey, which withdrew its support for the ships to take off from Turkey; and with Greece, which helped the Israeli security forces to sabotage a number of these ships; and with Cyprus, the supposed point of launching.

“The Israeli pressures and threats even caused a number of European countries to warn their nationals against participating in the flotilla. The European campaign to rescue the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza was supposed to be launched through 15 ships. But it all concluded with only one ship with its volunteers trying to save European honor. However, they ended up becoming hostages of the Israeli army… Even Sierra Leone was a target of Israeli pressure because one of the ships was registered there and brandished its African flag, which is encrusted with an old Arab friendship.

“This is not about the Israeli war [against the flotilla] as this was a certain thing. It is rather about the European underestimation of the Arabs in general, and of the oil-generating [Arab countries] in specific. These countries, away from politics, have the power to pressure using the black, or the yellow gold if need be… We know in advance that no Arab regime (including the Palestinian Authority) will stop for a moment and ask about the reality of what happened to the Freedom Flotilla… And we know in advance that the American administration will congratulate the Israeli government for its wisdom in running this war and for “its victory” without firing one single bullet…

“It is a painful paradox that Israel should win its wars against the people of Palestine, and the entire nation behind them, without firing a single bullet while the “Arab” bullets are being directed against the chests of those young men who were the rescuers of Palestine by land, sea and air.” – As-Safir, Lebanon