De mi proveedor:

– “Full details about the operation of dropping the Israeli flag…”

On August 22, the independent Al-Masry al-Yawm daily carried the following report: “Fireworks were the only way for the protestors, who had spent last Friday night in front of the Israeli embassy, to burn the Israeli flag. This was the only purpose that they gathered behind since the evening of that day when thousands gathered on the University Bridge and in the Renaissance Square in order to protest against the fall of Egyptian martyrs under the bullets of Israeli forces on the borders last Thursday evening. 

“Time was nearing midnight and everyone was chanting: “Bring the flag down. Bring the flag down.” The numbers [of the people] were growing increasingly and everyone was looking for a close place to buy the morning Ramadan meal with a plan to sleep there for the second night until the demands are met. One of the most important demands was to sack the Israeli ambassador and to bring the Israeli flag down from the building of the embassy.

“In spite of the fact that the embassy’s building is around 22 floors high…the attempts at burning the Israeli flag by using fireworks did not stop… The failed attempts did not stop until 1.30 [AM] when a skinny young man in his twenties started to implement his plan by climbing the front of the embassy building, which consists of 22 floors. Without any hesitation, he climbed the first and second floors. Everyone was [looking] in disbelief and calling on him to come down as it was difficult for him to reach his target. The screams became one: “come down, come down.”

“But, also without hesitation, he proceeded with his march while carrying the Egyptian flag on his back until he reached the fifth floor where his feet got stuck in a balloon. Everyone was silent, and the chants were one again: “Oh God, oh God.” “Come on Hero, bring the flag down.”

“The young man proceeded with his march fearlessly… He reached the tenth floor and he changed his path and moved to the building adjacent to the embassy’s building… The young man then proceeded to reach the top floor of the adjacent building to the embassy. Some thought that he will just raise the Egyptian flag on top of the adjacent building. But as the chants started to call on the young man to proceed, he disappeared for around four minutes…

“Only a few protesters who were standing on top of the University Bridge were able to see the right side of the building and to spot the young man…climbing to the embassy building by using the emergency ladder. He then reached his final target amidst the victory chants… The young man then started to untie the [Israeli] flag and to tie the Egyptian flag in its place. Fireworks were then fired and the Egyptian flags were raised [by the crowd]… The young man then started to climb down quickly through the emergency ladder… The protesters learned his name…and everyone started to chant: “Ahmad al-Shahhat, the hero. Ahmad al-Shahhat, the hero.”” – Al-Masry al-Yawm, Egypt