Recibo esta traducción al inglés, a través de mi proveedor de noticias Mideastwire, sobre la política de Rusia respecto a Siria, como puerta de su retorno a la zona de los países árabes:

“The easy return of Russia”

On February 7, the independent leftist As-Safir daily carried the following piece by Sateh Noureddine: “This is like a Russian infiltration operation into the Arab world from the Syrian gate in light of what seems to be an American and western regression resulting from the Iraqi failure that is currently being compensated through a military and political campaign against Iran. However, these are neither prefaces for the renewal of the cold war, nor signs of the re-partitioning of the power areas between Washington and Moscow, which are acting as if they were two capitals from the third world. 

“There is no escape from welcoming the return of Russia to the Levant if it wants to create a balance with America and the West. However, one must caution against that return if [Russia] aspires for taking part in the conflict over Syria with the Syrian population… Russia has once again returned to the Arab Levant. The proof not only consists of the veto at the international Security Council that prevented change in Syria, but also of the weapons’ shipments and deals and the military expertise and experts and the political cover that Moscow decided to present to the Syrian regime…

“The interests that Russia is working for are known and obvious. They are not just limited to defending the last marine base in the Mediterranean and to what the Russian economy could gain on the military and civilian levels. The political role is perhaps coming ahead of the rest of the roles in the Syrian case. It is causing the Kremlin to gain a sort of self-confidence and it is also causing it to gain additional Russian voters…

“This experience cannot bare too much risk taking on the part of Russia. The return to Syria following this fashion resembles the return to a place of emptiness and chaos where no one wishes to interfere or to even come close. The [Syrian] state is falling apart and the society is collapsing. The Arab initiative has no support… It would not be surprising if most of the Arabs and the west were secretly supporting this Russian infiltration into the Syrian crisis with the hope that it will serve to find a suitable solution that none of them was or will be able to secure.

“If the Russians were to succeed, then so be it. And if they were to fail, then no one will be sorry to see them get implicated in an open civil war or to see them lose their last bases and interests in the Arab world… Russia is taking part in a calculated adventure with no major risks… But the lesson that the entire world has learned is that the major countries commit errors and foolishness just like any other small country. The model offered by America needs no proof and it does not constitute a good example for Russia, which is returning to one of the worst crises in the Arab world.” – As-Safir, Lebanon