Con estas bolsas se lo llevan crudo

14 09 2013

Aquí os lo cuentan…

“Shoppers will have to pay a 5p charge on every plastic bag they use in plans to be announced by Nick Clegg.

The deputy prime minister will unveil the move next week during the Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow.

The charge will come into effect in autumn 2015, after the next general election, and will bring England into line with other parts of the UK.

Charges are already in place in Wales, where there has been a 76% fall in plastic bag use since it was introduced in 2011, and Northern Ireland, with Scotland to follow suit next year. The charge has been in place in the Republic of Ireland since 2002.

The charge will only apply to supermarkets and other large stores. Small corner shops will be excluded”.

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10 02 2013

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