Feminismo, por la actriz Natasha McElhone

Párrafo del extracto de una conferencia sobre la manipulación de la mujer, dada por la actriz Nathasha McElhone:

     «I don’t understand the lack of innovation in these areas. If I were a journalist, I would ask every man I interviewed if he was worried about his hair loss, his weight, how he managed his work/home balance, what his neuroses were – and skip over the content of what he actually did. And I would by contrast ask all my female interviewees about their aspirations, their favourite music, the biggest influences and inspirations in their lives. I would – yes, I know I would be fired – but I would neglect to mention her physical appearance. Just until the tide turned a bit».

Podéis leer el amplio e interesante extracto en The Guardian.