Adoro a este hombre

De jovencito, con el equipo de Pink Flamingos


John Waters, el irreverente director de cine:

William Burroughs called the film director John Waters «the pope of trash». Waters, 67, was born, raised and still lives in Baltimore, Maryland where his close friend Divine, whom he made a star, also grew up. Waters’s best-known movies include Pink Flamingos (in which Divine ate dog faeces), PolyesterHairsprayCry-Baby and Serial Mom. He is also a writer, artist and art collector and will perform his one-man show, This Filthy World – about film, his fascination with true crime, exploitation films and «fashion lunacy» – at this year’s Homotopia arts festival in Liverpool. Waters is writing a book about hitchhiking across America last year.

Leed la entrevista enterita en The Guardian.

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